April 2019

New Fitness Equipment


We are excited to announce the addition of new strength training equipment suitable for all levels.  Not sure how to use it?  Our staff members are happy to help.  Sign up at the Service Desk for a free orientation session.

Highlights include: Power Squat, Rope Pull, Chin/Dip Assist, Power Pivot, and much more!

Power Squat

Location: Powerlifting Room

What’s new: Allows for a variety of foot settings and exercises.

Exercises: Power Squat (all stances), Hack Squats (all stances), Good Mornings, Over Head Pressing, Hybrid (Power Squat to Over Head Press), One Leg Squats 

Synrgy System

Location: HIIT Room

What’s new: The Rope Pull provides versatile and challenging workout; resistance increases as speed of motion increases, engaging the arms and back.

Exercises: Dips, Push-Ups, Cable Exercises, Step-Ups, Jumps, Rope Pull, Resistance Bands, TRX

PWR Play System

Location: Main Fitness Floor

What’s new: The Power Pivot allows for full range of pivot motion with barbell.   The Chin/Dip Assist allows you to effectively build muscles in your arms, shoulders and back.

Exercises: Cable Exercises, Lat Pulltown, Power Pivot, Chin/Dip Assist

Click here to watch an instructional video for the Chin/Dip Assist.