Bob & Diana Mumm

Strengthening Survivors in LIVESTRONG at the YMCA

It took a little while for Diana and Bob Mumm to get started at the Y.  They joined LIVESTRONG at the YMCA in 2015 after Diana’s third bout with cancer.  3 weeks later Bob suffered a stroke.  They dropped out of the program, but were able to re-join this fall.

This time, they were both survivors; Diana from cancer, and Bob from stroke.  Bob was committed to his own recovery, but he took seriously the role of being Diana’s support person.  When she formed bonds with the other participants in the class, she told Bob to go ahead and work on building his own strength.  Diana said, “I made some really outstanding friends.  There is not one person in our group that I don’t think I could turn to for help.” 

The couple strengthened their relationship as well.  They had some good laughs together trying new classes like Zumba.  Although reluctant to exercise, they felt better after every class.  Bob has seen considerable improvement in his balance, and Diana has more energy to play with grandkids.  They both agreed, “It has been a really great experience.”