Youth member donates to Fit Kids Program

Tifany Mach is a 9-year-old participant in the program

Pictured above is Tifany Mach with the items she donated to the YMCA-YWCA Fit Kids afterschool program

Tifany Mach is a 9-year-old participant in the Y’s Fit Kids afterschool program.  After her first week in the program, she was already making plans to give back.  “I thought the Fit Kids program needed some books, so I made a video at home asking people to donate and my mom posted it on Facebook.” 

Several family friends responded with generous donations of books and stuffed animals.  Tifany’s family pitched in as well, purchasing a new book case and other items for the program.

Tifany said she previously donated socks and undergarments to her school.  “It felt really good to give, so I wanted to do it again.”  Reading is one of Tifany’s favorite activities at the Y’s Fit Kids program along with playing games and free time. 

Program Director Deb Grove said, “Tifany is an outstanding young person, with a very generous heart. Her gift to the afterschool program shows how it can positively impact the children who participate, giving them ownership of the program and allowing them thrive!” 

Robby Tobias, who is the Fit Kids Coordinator at the Y, added, "Tifany embodies every core value of the Y. Her donation brings a great value and sense of respect to both the Fit Kid and Summer Day Camp programs.  It amazes me that she understands some of our items are getting dated and that she would consider donating new ones.”