A Chance To Dance

Rhythm Works curriculum

Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA Shool of Dance

A Chance to Dance is a rhythm and dance program designed for those with individual learning differences and other special needs. This clinically based hip hop dance program utilizes sensory processing, kinesiology, and behavioral analysis as a foundation to build customizable classes. A Chance to Dance focuses on skill development, self empowerment and celebrating our differences.


Miss Kimi Kups-Benson, a certified RHYTHM WORKS Integrative Dance instructor will lead all classes, following a curriculum that is completely customizable to fit the needs of each student and is appropriate for boys and girls ages 6-18 of all ability levels. The program requires a parent, therapist, sibling or friend to accompany for FREE as the student’s buddy. This person should be able to assist the student to ensure that classes run smoothly.


Schedule TBD

A Chance to Dance is offered in 10-class sessions that offers 3 individual classes and 7 group classes.  Individual classes will be scheduled with the instructor to comfortably introduce dancers to the program and allow a smooth transition to group classes. Students should wear clothes/shoes that are comfortable for movement. 


For questions regarding students, contact Kimi Kups-Benson at kimi.kups-benson@ymca-ywca.org