Sports & Recreation (Adult)

Combining Fun & Fitness

Looking for a way to get active that is more involved than just working out? Check out the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA's sports and recreation opportunities. 

Whether you're interested in an exciting, engaging way to exercise or you like a little friendly competition, there's sure to be a sport for you. Choose from team sports or one-on-one fun. Ongoing leagues and open play opportunities are also both available, depending on what suits you best. 


Pickleball is a combination of ping-pong, badminton and tennis.  The game is played by two or four people using paddles and a wiffle ball. Equipment: An easy set-up net, paddles and balls are available for check-out at the Welcome Center Desk. 

Men's Basketball League

5-on-5 Adult Men's Basketball will be played at the Marshalltown YMCA (Henry Horne Gymnasium, South Court). The league will run seven weeks of regular season play followed by a two week single-elimination postseason tournament.

Dates: TBD

Contact for more information.

Coed Adult Volleyball League

Dates: TBD

Contact for more information.

Coed Water Volleyball

Come by yourself or with a team. Have a great time and meet new people playing volleyball in the water.  The Y has a brand new inflatable net system ready for play in the Rec Pool.  Teams consist of 4-6 players. 

Coed Volleyball Club

Volleyball Club is open to members of all volleyball ability and ages free for Y members. Emphasis is on getting active and having fun while playing volleyball. Teams are decided upon arrival. Score is kept but not recorded and good sportsmanship is a must. Teams make own calls and can replay if there’s disagreement. 

When: TBD

· Free for YMCA-YWCA members. $10 for program participants.
· Must be registered to participate
· Play as many games in two hours as possible.

Hinder Club - Racquetball

If you are interested in joining a racquetball league, look no further.  The Hinder Club is Marshalltown's own racquetball club held at the Marshalltown Y.  The club meets one timer per month for a scheduled event, runs the racquetball league, and hosts the racquetball tournament each spring.  Those interested in becoming more involved in meeting other racquetball players while being part of the Hinder Club may contact club president, Ric Anderson at for more information.  



Cycling Groups
Running Groups

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