June 2016

Marshalltown YMCA 140th Anniversary

Marshalltown YMCA celebrates 140th Anniversary

The Marshalltown YMCA celebrated its 140th Anniversary in 2016.  It was organized in 1876 and was known as the Railroad Y, located on the southwest corner of Main and Center Streets.  The Y has since had several locations.  While originally a men’s organization, the Y has since changed audiences and welcomes anyone through its doors. 

“Everyone is welcome at the Y – community members from all walks of life can come to the Y to focus on health, wellness, social groups and youth development,” says Carol Hibbs, CEO.  “The Y has been in our community for 140 years and we think it’s important and fun to honor those memories.”

To submit a story or photos to the Y, you may drop a written story off, email your story to kim.jass-ramirez@ymca-ywca.org, submit via Facebook or stop by the Y and speak with Kim Jass-Ramirez. 

To read more about the history of the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA, Click here.