September 2020

Festivus 2020 Top Finishers

Congratulations top finishers of the Festivus Competition held September 19th, 2020 at CrossFit 641.

Female Novice: 1st Place - Keegan Heslop, 2nd Place - Mindy Cross, 3rd Place - Peyton Obermier

Female Masters: 1st Place - Heather Denger, 2nd Place - Kendra Davis, 3rd Place - Mindy Buschbom

Female Intermediate: 1st Place - Kierra Gardner, 2nd Place - Lindsay Elmore, 3rd Place - Caroline Connolly

Male Novice: 1st Place - Mario Torres, 2nd Place - Nate Beyrle, 3rd Place - Curtis Cecak

Male Masters: 1st Place - Mike Miller, 2nd Place - Brian Moore, 3rd Place - Sam Goos

Male Intermediate: 1st Place - Jacob McClernon, 2nd Place - Andy Downs, 3rd Place - Drew Sannes