Festivus Team Top Finishers Spring 2021

Event held in April

Congratulations to the top finishers of the Festivus Games competition hosted by CrossFit 641 on April 24th.
*notes national rank for Marshalltown area teams

Female Novice

1st- Bad Donkeys (Keegan Heslop, Kimberly Poston, Wendy Baxter)
2nd- B.A.M (Erin Winters, Katie Houston, Michelle Kalb) – Virtual Participant
3rd- The “GRR”LS (Genesis Chinchilla, Kristi Souksaengmany, Mindy Cross)
*finished 55/569 worldwide

Female Intermediate

1st- Gen:XYZ (Amanda McCrary, Kierra Gardner, Lindsay Elmore)
*finished 74/800 worldwide
2nd- WOD Squad (Gabby Morrow, Jessica Potter, Madi Adams) – Virtual Participant

Female Masters

1st- OCD Old Chick Domination (Kendra Davis, Mindy Buschbom, Tabatha Goodrich)
*finished 16/151 worldwide
2nd- Older than HAK (Alex Greenfield, Heather Denger, Kristine Haupert)

Male Intermediate

1st- Owen & the Old Men (Mario Torres, Mike Miller, Owen Miller)
*finished 38/598 worldwide
2nd- 2 Legit 1 Should Quit (Arron Gallick, Jason Knipp, Kyle Sievers)
3rd- Beefcakes (Andrew Downs, Brett Vanveller, Tavis Anderson)