Keeping Our Y Healthy

A message to Parents & Guardians

March 11, 2020

A Message to Parents & Guardians,

The Marshalltown YMCA-YMCA is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who enters our doors. There are growing concerns about the potential spread of coronavirus, and in an effort to keep you and your family healthy and prevent the spread of germs, we are sharing some important information.

Our Y is regularly cleaned by Y staff and special care is taken to meet quality standards in place year-round that keep our facility clean and safe.  We are increasing our efforts to further prevent the spread of germs and viruses.  Examples included, but are not limited to:

Standard Procedure


Increased Efforts

Youth must wash hands before eating and after activities.

Youth and adults must wash/sanitize hands upon arrival to the Y.

Toys & balls are sanitized weekly.

A limited number of toys & balls will be available and sanitized daily.

Preschool sleeping mats washed monthly.

Preschool sleeping mats washed weekly.

All surfaces are cleaned daily with sanitizing spray.

Surfaces are cleaned multiple times daily with sanitizing spray.


Health Policies for Children

We ask for your cooperation in keeping our programs healthy for all children.  Per our parent & member handbook, and DHS licensing requirements, please follow the guidelines listed below.  Y staff members will assess the health of children and contact parents if an illness is suspected.


Health Policies

(Please note this is an abbreviated list of policies. Please see complete guidelines in the Parent Handbook.)  In order to protect all children, established guidelines are in place for illness procedures. If staff determine a child is sick or contagious, the child will not be able to attend Y Preschool, Fit Kids or Child Care. Upon parent notification that a child is ill, please expect to pick up immediately (Child Care) or within 45 minutes (Preschool or Fit Kids).

Fever Criteria

If your child has a fever (viral or communicable cause), you will be called to come and pick up your child. Before your child can return to the Y, they must be fever free (without the aid of medication) for 24 hours.

Exclusion Policy

If a child will not be attending Preschool or Fit Kids for any reason, please inform teachers as soon as possible. If a child has an illness listed below, please do not send him/her to the Y. Children who exhibit the following symptoms will be sent home upon becoming ill during the day. Children will be excluded if unable to fully participate in activities or require greater individual care than staff can provide.

Sudden Illness

Some signs or symptoms of illness may indicate a serious illness and should be evaluated by a medical professional:

•        Lethargy that is more than expected tiredness

•        Uncontrollable coughing

•        Unexplained irritability or persistent crying

•        Difficult breathing

•        Wheezing

•        Other unusual signs for child


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community safe. 

Carol Hibbs             Ashley Nelson         Deb Grove

CEO                        Youth Director        Family Sports / Fit Kids Director


Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA

108 Washington Street

Marshalltown, IA  50158