My Y Story - Ashley Burgess

How has the Y impacted your life?

​Ashley Burgess 

Ashley started going to the Y over a year ago when her friend recommended a strength training class to her. Ashley had been doing at home workouts but highlighted that “something is always crawling over you and wanting to join in.” At this class, she could enjoy having her own space and self-care time while feeling assured that her kids where having a blast at daycare. Ashley quickly made great friends in the class, and saw her body getting stronger and leaner. 

Ashley's children have their Y stories to share, as well. Her 8 year old son took part of the Youth Powerlifting program last summer and loved it.  He learned how to use the machines and even taught Ashley how they work. 

Ashley highlighted how generous the Y has been to her, in specific, and to the community, at large. The tornado affected their family's source of income, but the Y was able to offer membership assistance.  Ashley also appreciated that the Y organized a Cleaning Day to help restore the community after the tornado.  She added that the Y has always provided great resources and information to her. 

For Ashley, the Y is a place that connects her to the community and creates a space for her to achieve her fitness goals.