My Y Story - Chelsea

How has the Y impacted your life?


Chelsea is now a competitive body builder and a trainer at the Y, but she highlighted that it has not always been this way. When Chelsea was young, she was made fun of for being skinny and was self-conscious about her body. Because of this, her older brother took her to the Y and made her a workout plan - and she has been here even since. Chelsea talked about her time at the Y as a “journey” and said that she has built herself up using the “tips” of people she has met along the way. She said that the people at the gym helped her get motivated and took their time showing her through different exercises. She is now in tremendous shape and recently earned 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in different events at a bodybuilding competition. Nevertheless, as seen in her motivational Instagram posts, she is constantly getting stronger and more fit. 

Chelsea emphasized that the Y was her second home and her second family. She demonstrated her skills as a personal trainer during the interview by giving me, the person supposed to be interviewing her, tips on how to be confident as a female body builder in a world often dominated by men. Her friendly and energizing words made me wish she was my trainer!