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Administration & Facility

Carol Hibbs 
Ext. 205

Kim Jass-Ramirez 
Senior Program & Facilities Director
Ext. 206

Curt Shaver
Property Manager 
Ext. 209

Wendy Soltero
Finance Director
Ext. 207

Mari Zamora
Executive Assistant
Ext. 204

Member Services

Nicki Reynolds
Member Services Director 
Ext. 213

Tara Weatherly
Member Services Assistant 
Ext. 214

Health & Wellness

Angie Paxson
Health and Wellness Director
Ext. 211

Keisha Lockhart 
Health and Wellness Coordinator
Ext. 224

Alex Vajgrt
Health and Wellness Coordinator 
Ext. 223

Aquatics & Swim

Shelley Lechnir
Aquatics Director 
Ext. 210

Tariq Martin
Assistant Aquatics Director 
Ext. 227

Natasha Musgrave
Aquatics Coordinator

Youth & Family

Ashley Nelson
Youth Director
Ext. 302

Daisy Lopez
Fit Kids / Day Camp Coordinator
Ext. 300

Tanya Kenner
Child Care Coordinator
Ext. 208

Kimi Kups-Benson
Ext. 304